Monday, December 15, 2014

Toadstool Christmas Cake

With Christmas less than two weeks away, things are kicking into high gear around here!  Lots of planning and shopping, decorating and baking.  We're never too busy for a little cake though, are we? There is something so beautiful about the simplicity if red and white together and the toadstools , made of edible decorating dough, are just the cutest.  You can make them too, in just a few easy steps! This would be fun to do with kids as well, the decorating dough feels just like play-dough (only it tastes better) and I had so much fun trying it out for the first time.
I made a simple, round, vanilla cake and while it baked and cooled I molded my little toadstools.  Here's how I did it:

You will need:
-Single layer baked cake
-White frosting (pastry bag with tip, or sandwich baggy with the corner cut for decorating)
-Red edible decorating dough
-White edible decorating dough
-Confectioner's sugar
Starting with the white dough, make a series of mushroom "stems".  You must knead the dough in your hands for it to become pliable, after which you will be able to easily mold your little stems.  Make a variety of heights and sizes.  Set aside.  Next take the red dough and make your mushroom caps.  Start with a ball and use your knuckle to begin molding the little cup-like shape of the cap.

Press the cap gently down on the stem and repeat until you've made all of your little red caps.  Now you'll want to add the famous white spots!
Dot your white icing on in random spots all over the caps of each little mushroom.  Now you're ready to ice your cake, then have your toothpicks handy.

Insert toothpicks gently into the bottom of your stems for added stability when they are placed on top of the cake.  Decorate your cake with each little toadstool and then dust with confectioner's sugar.  (You can see I added a little strip of tiny red bunting to mine as well, just for fun).
 This sweet little cake makes the perfect playful addition to the dessert table for Christmas.  It would also make a wonderful winter birthday cake!

Are you busy, busy getting things ready for the holidays too?



  1. Oh! I love this sweet little cake. It makes me think of Elsa Beskow's Children of the Forest book.

  2. The decorating dough doesn''t have to be baked?

    1. No Mikki, it doesn't! It's good to go as is. Think fondant, but more pliable;)

  3. This is such an adorable cake! It would be cute for a fairytale themed party, too!


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