Monday, December 29, 2014

Make an Easy New Year's Eve Banner

Can you believe it's almost New Year's Eve!? I cannot.  The holidays flew by. I feel like the start of advent was just yesterday, yet, Christmas Day was already last week! Thankfully I have a few days off to reboot and get into gear for the New Year. With the Christmas decorations not quite put away, the thought of doing lots of New Year's decorations is a bit overwhelming so I decided to keep it simple and sweet with this quick, but sparkly, New Year's banner.  You can make it too! 
You will need:
-Several different types of festive scrap-booking paper, note the sparkly additions above!
-Scissors or X-acto knife
-Hole punch
-Large sticky letters or stencils
-3 yards of festive ribbon or cording
If using stickers, place letter sticker lightly onto the front of your paper (don't press to hard as you'll want to peel it back off again) and cut out the letter shape.  Peel off sticker and discard.  If using stencils, trace the letter and cut.  Repeat for all letters, spelling "HAPPY NEW YEAR".
When you've finished your letters, add at least four stars. Two for each end of the banner.
Punch holes into the tops of each letter and string onto the cording. (I stuck a tiny square of clear tape on the backs of my "A's".  Since there is only room for one hole, the tape will help the "A" to hang straight.)  Once you've gotten every letter on, you can space them evenly along the strand.  Don't forget to add the stars to each end!
This makes a great little banner to add to a window, to hang above the beverage/bar area, or to string over a treats and desserts table for a party.  
The best part is, when the holiday is over, it can simply be folded up and stored flat until next year.

I hope you all have a wonderful time ringing in the New Year, we'll be celebrating Nick's birthday.  He's a New Year's Eve baby!



  1. Fabulous! Makes me want to throw a party just so I'd have a reason to make one of these.

    1. Lisa, you should! A great excuse for a party ! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! So smart! How have I never thought of using the sticky side of the letter stickers as a template?!

    1. It made it so much easier! I hope you give it a try;)


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