Thursday, January 29, 2015

Goodbye 20's, Hello Hudson

This past weekend I said "goodbye" to my twenties, and "hello" to 30 (I'm 30!?).  I also had the chance to say hello to the cutest town this side of the Hudson River... Hudson, New York.  Nick gave me the most amazing gift of a weekend away, just the two of us.  I chose Hudson because of all the wonderful things I've been hearing about the area lately.  This historic city, established in 1785 by New England Whalers and once a large bustling port city, has held strong to so much of it's original architecture.  I was amazed to learn that it was once the fourth largest city in New York, and missed being the capital by one vote!
 You can still see the original grandeur in the existing architecture and gorgeous historic homes everywhere you look.  Glimpses of a time long forgotten. While Hudson has had a rough time in past, suffering great decline in the 60's, 70's and 80's , it's started being recognized for it's historic charm and bustling main street, Warren Street. While locals will tell you the city still has it's struggles, you wouldn't know it from the friendly smiles and lovely shops. There are some fabulous restaurants, lots of antique stores and galleries, and some fun trendy little shops popping up in between.  The old-timers are welcoming and kind and are quick to recommend the best spot for a delicious meal or a cup of good coffee.  We couldn't have chosen a sweeter place to celebrate my birthday.
We spent two nights at the fabulous Inn at Hudson , a gorgeous historic building turned Bed and Breakfast by two lovely gentlemen.  We stayed in the "White Room", a expansive guestroom full of gorgeous moldings, a fireplace, and a cozy four-poster bed.  We enjoyed full, cooked to order breakfasts in their beautiful dining room each morning and returned in the evenings, after savory dinners in town, to relax and unwind in the quiet.  It really was a perfect stay. Now we both want a fireplace in our bedroom at home (Right!), what a luxury...
This was one of my favorite trips we've taken together - no schedule, excellent meals, everything within walking distance.  Our favorite restaurant was Helsinki Hudson (I feel the website doesn't quite do it justice).  The food was outstanding, and the atmosphere perfect.  My favorite shop in town was a newbie, Talbott & Arding , a tiny cheese and provisions shop halfway down Warren Street.  I'm a sucker for a tight brand story, and this little shop (only open about two months thus far) was the real deal.  Pretty to look at with tasty offerings to beat.  (Loved their logo so much I came home with their tote bag!)
If you stop in here often to read, you'll know I have a special place in my heart for towns and cities along the Hudson River.  I am thrilled to have added this to my list of favorite spots and we'll be back for sure.  Feeling pretty grateful to Nick for showing me such a great time and for making this the best 30th birthday a girl could ask for.

*opinions, as always, are my own.



  1. Happy belated birthday! One of my girlfriends is determined to hit up every Hudson River town and we talked about going up to Hudson in the summer. There's so much history in this fair state of ours. ;)

    1. Cristina, I think you would LOVE it. Definitely go and visit. There is! Such a blessing. xo

    2. Cristina, I think you would LOVE it. Definitely go and visit. There is! Such a blessing. xo


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