Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine Candy Vials

February, the month for love, is here and it's time to start thinking about what little goodies we'll be handing out to friends and family.  I love to find fun new ways to present candy, the Valentine's Day favorite. Last year I made Valentine's in a Jar, which were pretty darn cute, a hit with all my Valentine recipients.  This year I found these awesome large vials that are perfect for filling with your favorite sweets.  They were about a buck each at the local craft store, and I'm sure they're also available online.  Here's how I customized them for my Valentines!
You Will Need:
-Large corked vials (if you're giving them to kiddos, be sure they're plastic!!)
-One inch wide glitter tape
-Sticker labels
-Small hard candies or a love note 
Start by adhering lengths of the glitter tape to each vial.  You can do wide stripes, narrow stripes, a combination of wide and narrow etc.  I did a few variations, with wide shown above.

Hand write little sayings or names on your sticker labels and stick to the fronts of the vials. Now you're ready to fill them candy!!
As you fill each vial with candy, tie a piece ribbon in a little bow around the top and you're done! (How cute is that ribbon, right!? Part of a birthday gift from my brother and his lady. I'm completely smitten with it!)

Ready for February 14th!  I can't wait to hear how my Valentines like their sweet candy-filled vials.



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