Saturday, January 10, 2015

Handmade Baby Gift: Crochet Newborn Booties

New born babies are one of the most special things.  When someone shares their exciting news you want to give them something really special too! Something quality, that will be useful and sweet.  I stumbled upon the most perfect thing last year and have been dying to share it with you guys, especially those of you that enjoy crochet as well.  I was searching for a beginner/semi intermediate pattern for crochet baby booties and found this CrochetHooksYou Newborn Baby Bootie video tutorial. You'll notice it's broken down into several separate videos, so it's nice and manageable. I've linked you to Round 1.  This is by far the simplest,  most adorable pattern I've found and, while I sometimes add little poms poms or extra cuffs to my finished booties, the pattern never fails me.  I think you'll love it too!
I received this gorgeous local alpaca yarn from my Aunt for Christmas and it made the perfect yarn for my latest pair of booties.  This was my first time working with alpaca yarn, it's so soft and delicate but also super warm.  You'll see in the video that she recommends the hook size and yarn type to use for your fist pair, but after you get used to the pattern it easy to switch around a little to accommodate whatever new material you'd like to use.

I love adding little pompoms, or in this case a little bow shaped pompom (shown above) to the fronts or backs of some of them (be sure to tie them on super tight so that there is no chance they'll be tugged off by little fingers ). 
I thought it only fair that I encourage you to visit the YouTube site, and not simply share their pattern here, out of respect.  So I hope you'll pop over and give it a try!  I just love making these for people, picking out special yarn and putting love into something that will last.  When you're finished, the shape is so darling that you can perfectly imagine tiny little baby feet in there keeping warm. (Tip: I usually stuff them with a bit of tissue paper to mold them into their shape and to then keep them shaped until they get slipped onto little feet.)

It's a good feeling to gift someone something you've made, especially when it's so darn cute!! Can you stand them?  They get me every time with their cuteness.

Here's the video tutorial again in case you missed it in the beginning: CrochetHooksYou : Newborn Booties


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