Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DIY Holiday Card Display

It's the Holiday Season!  December is here and the Christmas tunes are playing everywhere. You all know how much I love Christmas cards, and each year I enjoy the challenge of coming up with fresh ways to display our yearly card, along with some of my other favorite cards and greetings.  I ordered our card from Tiny Prints again, because I just love the prints and patterns available.  I actually ended up ordering two separate versions because I couldn't decide between my two favorites.  Greeting cards are so special to me, and I really like to showcase them so we can enjoy them for the season.  This year I chose a really simple project that involves 3 basic steps, I think you'll love the simplicity too!

You will need:

-18" wire wreath frame
-Spray paint (OK'd for metal)

Step 1: Spray wreath frame with desired paint color. Step 2: String with ribbon. Step 3: Hang and use clothespins to clip cards to the frame!

How simple is that!?  What's really nice about this is that cards of all shapes and sizes fit on the frame because you can pin them on any-which-way.  I even pinned up a double of  our Tiny Prints photo card because the back is as beautiful as the front.

I also love the fact that this can be taken down at the end of the season and stored flat for next year.  You can also change the color and the ribbon from season to season!  Who knows, I may even whip it out for special birthday cards.

Are you getting super excited for the holidays?  I can't wait to get our tree!

*The opinions stated here are solely my own, this is not a sponsored post.


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