Monday, November 16, 2015

Thanksgiving Florals: Persimmon and Bittersweet

Persimmon are beautiful.  Their cheery orange color is a great way to add a pop of brightness to tables and arrangements for Thanksgiving.  While even just a bowl of this crimson fruit is enough to dress things up, adding them to a hearty floral arrangement takes it one step further.

You will need:
-Large vase
-2 bunched cut mums or other fall colored flower
-Approx. 6 stems rosehips
-3 persimmon
-Foraged branches, twigs, vine or berry (bittersweet pictured)
-Heavy gauge floral wire or thin skewer
-Floral scissors or snips

Start the filler flower, in this case the mums.  I made mine asymmetrical so that it sort of swooped up on one side (cut the stems to different lengths as you go).  Next, add the persimmons.  Stick the heavy gauge floral wire or skewer up through the bottom center of the fruit, as far as you can without poking out of the top.  Nestle bunches of sturdy rose hip stems in and around the persimmons.  Lastly, add sprigs of foraged stems, the bittersweet etc. sticking them in randomly wherever there is room (think organic, natural).
Voila!  There you have a hearty, beautiful arrangement for the holidays.  One good tip:  Use a sturdy/ heavy vase as the fruit will make the arrangement top-heavy.  If you do not have something suitable, add a heavy stone to the bottom of the container or go with a shorter vase for added stability.

Happy arranging!


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