Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Travels in Color: Bermuda

When you step off of the last step onto the tarmac, arriving in Bermuda, the air just feels different.  There's fragrance to it that only islands have...and the bright colors that saturate the island have already begun, in the blues and pinks of the big welcome sign over the airport door.
This was not my first trip to Bermuda, we'd gone several times growing up.  But it was my first time as an adult, with my husband, and even though my memories of travels there had been pretty sweet, they hadn't prepared me for what I would see anew.
It was pouring rain when we arrived and the taxi to the hotel wound us through tight streets flanked with coral rock and lush greenery.  Grandma pushed her face against the smooth sea air  through the open cab window despite the mist of rain, as we flew past breathtaking view after breathtaking view along the coast.  My strongest memory from prior trips was of the famous Horseshoe Bay, and the driver didn't miss a beat, pulling the cab to the side so we could admire the bay from above.  Voted one of the top 3 most beautiful beaches in the world, the minute you lay eyes on it, or walk along sand between towering rocks, you understand why. Fortunately, the sun came out the next day and back to horseshoe bay we went - suits en tow. 

Perhaps the most intoxicating thing about the island is the vibrant color, everywhere you turn.  Houses in every candy-colored hue dot the hillsides, smiling cheerily in big groups, surrounded by little farms and jungle-like foliage. The classic "Bermuda pink"  bungalows and homes around every bend.  Bright yellow mansions tucked up at the ends of private drives that are dotted with palms and aloe, barely visible from the street.

Flowers, ocean, buses and boats...nothing is afraid to be colorful....

We spent four blissful days in our pink stepped castle by the sea...I had the best (red!) curried chicken and was introduced to a Fish Chowder that I'm really excited to learn how to make. Looking forward to sharing some travel inspired recipes here with you all...



  1. Wonderful photos. I especially love the one if the two couples among the rocks.

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