Sunday, March 13, 2016

No-Mess, Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Two weeks until Easter! Egg decorating is one of the best Spring activities, I love trying out new ideas each year to create cheery, spring-inspired eggs.  This year I found some adorable washi tape, and some even cuter fabric washi tape, and took a few rolls to some beautiful farm-fresh eggs.  The end result? adorable, no-mess/no-fuss Eggs!

This little project is so easy, it needs little explanation, just snip, stick, & enjoy! 
Here are a few tips:

-Make sure eggs are clean, dry and room temperature before sticking the tape.

-Using sharp scissors, cut sections and pieces of tape for creating different designs and patterns.  I even cut some strips in half, length wise, for thinner runs of tape.

-Since the tape is straight and the egg is curved, you will get some creases in pieces that wrap around the egg.  Simply smooth any creases and folds down using your fingernail.  (The thinner strips will wrap easier than wider pieces.)

If you've hardboiled your eggs, simply peel off the tape, shell the egg for eating.

Happy decorating!



  1. I'm definitely giving this a try! Already have a stash of Washi tape. I Love the egg with the little flags.

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