Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY Holiday Doily Runner

I do not own any holiday themed tablecloths etc. ( I think I may have mentioned this at Thanksgiving when I opted for brown paper on the table, see that here...) Maybe it's because most of the tablecloths, runners, etc. are a little too kitschy/commercially for me?  I love unique things...vintage, or vintage inspired prints yada yada..have never found anything I love. Long story short, I lack a nice Christmas table topper.  So you can imagine my excitement today at DollarWorld (I was there picking up some wrappings. I know, I know, too cool for cheesy tablecloths, then caught shopping at DollarWorld.Shh.) when I found a stack of red crocheted doily's for $1 each! I stuck 6 of them in my shopping basket, and home with me they came! 

 I knew I wanted to make a runner of sorts for our kitchen table, so I lay them out in an haphazard, elongated cluster and pinned them where they overlapped each other Then I stitched them together on the sewing machine.
And that was all it took! I now have a sweet holiday table runner for a cost of $6.00 that I love and that I probably wont see anywhere else;)
Side Note: I chose to add the bowl of oranges because, growing up, my parents had a  friend named Charlotte.  Charlotte lived in a beautiful home, and if we went to visit at Christmas, she always had bowls of oranges decorating various surfaces.  (Before our time, oranges were a rarity and were considered an exotic treat, especially at Christmas time,I think it was the movie "Little Women" that touched on this. You couldn't just buy them in the store the way you can now...)
So in honor of the memory of Charlotte, a bowl of beautiful oranges...

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