Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday's Wanderings

 "Come away with me..."

Let's escape the bitter cold..take a trip with me, will you? 
We'll go somewhere warm, where the air feels like velvet and the sun shines high...
Come, we'll take the train and lean our heads against the windows to catch a glimpse, as the scenery flows by...
We're almost there now...can you smell the ocean? Feel the warmth of the sun? see? Take a deep breath...let the sun shine on your face...we'll find somewhere along the shore to stay, with big fluffy beds and breezy curtains, open to the view and saltiness..Somewhere to leave our shoes ...
How's this? Will it do? I'll let you have the loft, just take the ladder up, you can see the whole ocean from way up there...among the stars at night, you'll be...

Yes this is the porch, and that, your chair. You must be hungry by now...I've packed a picnic to take to the beach...
Eat my dear, lay back on the blanket and bury your feet in the sand...later we'll go for a swim...
Splash! The water is warm, but cool..refreshing...I'll race you to shore...
Fresh Mint Margaritas to sip, back on the clinking in the glasses.
Fresh shrimp for supper? We'll eat with our hands....
And as the sun sets, we'll think to ourselves...sometimes we just get away.

1.Image via Pinterest
2.Image via Victoria Station
4.Big Sur  by Lou Ford via Fine Art America
5.Beach Retreat via My Scandinavian Home
6. Attic Bedroom found here
7.Image via House and Leisure
8.Image via NIB
9.Image via Burnette's Boards
10.Fresh Mint Margaritas via
11. Grilled Shrimp with Cilantro, Lime, and Peanuts Martha Stewart
12. Image via Pinterest

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